If you have found your way to my site, I’ll make a safe bet that you could do with a few extra hours of sleep and some help establishing good sleep habits and practices for your family.

You aren´t alone! Did you know that 30% of babies have trouble sleeping? An incredible 75% of parents want to change the sleeping habits of their children, and studies show that if you don´t establish good sleeping habits early on, the problems can last up to five years: it´s recently been discovered that irregular sleeping patterns in children can even last into adulthood.

It´s your responsibility as a parent to understand the needs of your child and find ways to help them sleep well. Babies don´t come with a manual to teach you how to create good sleeping habits from day one! So that´s the role I play when working with families, I teach you how to lay the foundations to a lifetime of great sleep for your child (and in turn, for you, the parent!).

When my daughter Maya was born in 2014, she was a horrible sleeper. I suffered from anxiety and sleep deprivation for months. I found the situation exhausting and with all the masses of information and contradictory advice. I was driving myself crazy looking for a solution and getting more and more confused. All I really wanted was a plan that worked and someone to tell me what to do. So, I hired a sleep consultant and my whole family´s life changed for the better.

How I became a Certified Sleep Consultant

It was after seeing this momentous transformation and the positive impact it had on my family and my relationship that I was inspired to become a certified sleep consultant. I attained my accreditation in the USA through a comprehensive training and mentoring program. Since starting my business I have gone on to further my education in an area of specific interest to me which is Infant Mental Health via the Child Sleep Institute and Department of Psychology of the Hospital of sick children in Toronto, Canada.

I have a background in nursing and teaching and I’m fortunate that I can combine these two passions alongside the sleep training and make a positive difference in people´s lives.

Having successfully worked with hundreds of families around the world I can guarantee that working with me will see a huge improvement in your current sleeping habits. Through our journey together you will also learn about your child´s sleep need/sleep cycles, age appropriate routines, early childhood brain development and much more.

I would love the opportunity to work with you to restore calm and harmony to your home. Because it IS possible to be a parent and sleep well too!

My team

In 2018 Fernando Ferreira (pediatrician specialized in Neonatology) contacted me after detecting a growing childhood sleep problem in his clinic. We decided to join together and expand Baby Sleep Solutions and create a multidisciplinary approach for your little ones’ sleep problems.

Today we have a large team of pediatric infant sleep professionals with the ability to address infant and toddler sleep issues from various perspectives.